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Tea Tastings in the Laboratorium

       B. Fuller’s is pleased to announce a new series of guided tea tastings right here in our Laboratorium.  Come join us Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30 as we explore, enjoy, and discuss three different Teas or Tisanes each week.  Each tasting will focus on a specific Tea type or



Plants as Allies

  One of the most commonly asked questions at our tea and tisane classes is “How did you guys get started?” Of course I can only answer that question from my perspective and experience, so I will let Ruby and Will write their own posts…but here is my recollection.  


Plant musings

What the heck is a TISANE?

When we started our little company four years ago, one of the best debates we had was about whether or not to use the word Tisane in reference to our herbal infusions. We recognized that most folks have never heard the word- and that can be a hard thing to