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Botanical Infusion Kits

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A trio of blends for those that love Lavender! Our Lavender Earl Grey is first up, the classic 'Lady Grey', with Organic Lavender flowers. Next in line is Oddlfowers, an Herbal blend of Lemon Rooibos, Chamomile, and of course Lavender. To complete the set, Sencha Candy is a unique, sweet twist on Japanese tea, marrying Green Sencha from Saga prefecture with Lavender and Vanilla bean. Each vial gives about four servings.

Earl Grey
If you can't get enough Earl Grey, this one is for you! Lavender Earl Grey, with Organic Lavender flowers, Clockwork Orange, our Super Earl Grey with added Orange peel and extract for a slightly sweeter Grey, and French Earl Grey, blended with the finest Organic Rose Petals for a delicate cup. Each vial gives about four servings.

Green Tea
This fancy little set allows you to experiment with the lovely and subtle flavors of green tea! 3 different teas are offered: Jasmine- Sweet, floral green from Fuzhou; YunWu- Organic Cloud Mist high elevation green with light, bright grassy taste, and Dragonwell or Long Jin, a flat leaf, pan fired Green Tea that is more nutty, with low astringency. Each tea will steep multiple times. Each vial gives about four servings.

Herbal Wellness
This group of Herbal blends gets you on the road to good health with 3 delicious Tisanes designed to support you during flu and cold season: Lemon Aid helps support your immune system, Spring Breathe is helpful with congestion and respiratory repair, and Wellberry has the herbs needed to help shorten the length and severity of flu symptoms. Each vial gives about four servings.

Tea & Tisane
Three different infusions to introduce you to our line-up! Sweet and silky Loving Cup represents our Tisane line, Delicious Jasmine introduces Green Tea, and rounding up the selection is Clockwork Orange, our Earl Grey blend with orange peel. Each vial gives about four servings.