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Winter Warmth- “Bath Teas” For Long, Relaxing Soaks!

For 5 years we did not have a tub in our home. Let me give you some context- we have a big old house, nearly 3,000 square feet- with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Nothing fancy mind you- a fixer upper- but pretty big for our little family. Here is the thing though- NO BATH TUB! Yikes! So many showers but no place to soak. And for me, a bath aficionado, well, it was a long 5 years. To add insult to injury, Will decided to add bath salts to our menu. I loved the idea of course. It was another way to showcase the beauty and utility of our flowers and teas, and bring more people into a loving connection with plants.  But a bitter pill- as I had to let HIM do the “testing” at home in a nice hot tub.

Of course they worked beautifully- two types:


  • Really Rosey– using Epsom salts and Pink Himalayan salts with Organic Rose buds, rose petals with Jasmine tea and sweet Damiana. We add a dash of Organic Rose Essential Oil at the end before blending, to bump up the aromatics.
  • Lady Grey- Epsom salts with Celtic grey salt, Organic Lavender and Chamomile, with Earl Grey tea and a splash of Organic Lavender Essential Oil.

Well- so Will said. But the new year (and the addition of our son Kalev) brought the gumption to change our living situation a little- so I began a remodel downstairs which included a huge old tub. I can now safely say that our Bath Teas are owner approved by BOTH Will and I. My wife would not say outright that I built the new bathroom just so I could test the bath teas, buuuut…..

To use them:

  1. Start a bath, with water as hot as you can manage
  2. Open your B. Fuller’s Bath Tea and remove the muslin bag included in the packet
  3. Fill the muslin bag with 1/3 to half the Bath Tea in your packet (you can use the whole thing if you like a stronger soak)
  4. Cinch the bag closed and place it in the tub as it fills
  5. When your tub is filled, lower your achin’ bones in for a long, relaxing soak!