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What the heck is a TISANE?

When we started our little company four years ago, one of the best debates we had was about whether or not to use the word Tisane in reference to our herbal infusions. We recognized that most folks have never heard the word- and that can be a hard thing to overcome when trying to convince people to try your product..."Tisane? I don't even know what THAT is...not gonna drink it! No sir!!!" But we decided that we needed to forge ahead and use every conversation with every new customer as an opportunity to talk about Tisanes and Tea, the differences and the similarities. And boy has it been great having those conversations; people really appreciate learning more about the amazing variety that the plant kingdom offers us when it comes to brewing infusions.

So- what is a Tisane? Tisane is the broad term used to describe infusions or decoctions of botanical products meant for human consumption. That is the most clinical of definitions. When it comes to what B. Fuller's is offering our customers, I would change the word "consumption" to "enjoyment" and in the case of our therapeutic Tisanes, I would also add "benefit."

Tisanes are usually separated form other common and popular beverages in that they do not contain caffeine, so that coffee, true tea (Camelia sinensis) and botanical infusions like Yerba Mate are not linked to the term. When B. Fuller's talks about our core products, we always refer to our "Botanical infusions." Our three main categories of infusions are: Classic Tea, Botanical Tea, and Herbal Tisanes. All three are"Botanical infusions" since they all use botanical products. But our Tea categories are differentiated as that they allow the Tisane category to stand on its own.

So just imagine the flavor sand other sensual experiences that you will have when we bring together recipes for herbal infusions using the whole world of botanicals: Cacao nibs, Damiana, Vanilla bean, Nettles, Chamomile, Orange peel, Lemon verbana...the list goes on and on. Combinations of flavors, mouth feel and therapeutic effect as numerous as the varieties of botanicals in the world. Wont you join us as we continue to blend, experiment, taste and enjoy the possibilities? The next time you stop in for you tea, take us up on our offer the taste a lovely Tisane!