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Russian Caravan- A tea blend journey

Russian Caravan is one of the storied blends in the tea industry, with roots in the long overland routes of yore.

Time was when Europeans received their tea from Asia via an overland route that snaked across deserts, mountains and plains and could take up to 6 months from the first step to the first cup. Of course there were also shipping options- but it was felt that the similarly long (yes...SAILING ships) routes through tropical climates combined with sea air adversely affected the delicate leaves.

The tea blend mirrors the spirit of the long journey, which traveled across the great tea growing regions stretching to Formosa (present day Taiwan) and the coasts of China, to the north and the Great Wall gate at Kalgan and through Mongolia. The great Siberian route that traveled from the border of China, using camel caravans, brought huge amounts of tea into Europe through Russia. Our blend uses three different black teas from three different growing regions: Keemun, from Anhui Province in China, Pekoe from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Lapsang Soucon from Fujian Province, China. Some blends choose not to add the smoky Lapsang, but we feel it is necessary to create the flavor narrative we are seeking. when this blend would make its first stop in Moscow after the months of travel, Muscovites delighted in the rich smoky flavor, and told tales of how the tea had soaked up the smoke of warming campfires a s the tea merchants sheltered for the night on their long journey. We of course know that the deep, smoky nature comes from the pine smoked leaves our our Lapsang Souchon tea, but still- isn't it nice to fix a cup of Russian Caravan, settle down in a warm chair and dream of the silk and spice road? Click on the pic to buy some!