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Kava Koko- "A happy feeling of unconcern"

The first Tisane (herbal infusion) that we designed was Kava Koko. The goal was to make an pleasing herbal that would help with winter blues- a mood tonic for our long, gray days here in the Northwest.

The ingredient of most interest to many of our customers is Kava kava, a root from Polynesia that has long been used in traditional societies there for ceremonial and cultural events. The primary use of this amazing botanical is to help increase relaxation without affecting mental clarity. Kava has both sedative and anesthetic properties, and studies have shown that Kava is useful in helping with symptoms of social anxiety.

We knew we wanted to use Kava in a blend, but the issue we faced was that the primary flavor profile of the root was, frankly ...."rooty." Which is not to say that an earthy quality is not good, but in order to have enough Kava to really be effective, we needed to find a way to make the infusion tastier. Peppermint to the rescue!

Blending Peppermint with the Kava allowed us to create a bright, snappy liquor, and then going on to add amazing Theo Cacao nibs gave a balance with light chocolate notes. The result was a lovely amber liquor with a minty chocolate flavor that leaves a lovely cacao oil velvet on the palate. Our favorite use is to brew the tisane and then add a little hot chocolate to make a minty adult hot chocolate.

Might we suggest you try some during your holiday celebrations? Even the most vexing of family gathering will become a joyous evening when you spike you chocolate with our lovely tisane!

The family before some Kava koko....

....and after! And all was well....