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Iced Tea and Tisane Season is Upon us


Iced Teas and Tisanes will be made using hot water over full, beautiful loose tea and herbal infusion blends. The best time to prepare these will be the day before they are needed, so that they can caturally reach room temperature before they are chilled. You will need the following items:
  1. Two 1 gallon pitchers (with red tops)
  2. Tea or herbal infusion
  3. 1 metal mesh strainer
  4. Timer
To make Iced Infusions, either Herbal or Black Tea, use the following ratio:
50 Grams 1 gallon
Order of operations:
  1. Weigh out tea/herbal
  2. Place tea/herbal into first 1 gallon pitcher
  3. Place mesh strainer over second 1 gallon pitcher
  4. Add hot water to fill to top
  5. Steep for4 minutes
  6. Strain infusion through mesh strainer into second pitcher
  7. Cover, date, and label the infusion
  8. Leave at room temperature over night
  9. Chill the following day
Why do we need to let the teas get to room temperature so they will not cloud? There is still more to leanr about the phenomenon of teas clouding, but the current industry consensus focuses on the presence of compounds called theaflavins. When the theaflavins are hot, or cooled slowly, they remain in suspension and thus you have clear liquor. If your tea is cooled to quickly, the theaflavins can create that murky look. But wait- don’t throw that cloudy iced tea out…the taste will be absolutely excellent still. There is not real change in the flavor component, just the appearance. We recommend you avoid clouding as it creates a more complete atheistic experience, but if you need to cool your tea quickly, go ahead- it will still taste lovely!