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Holiday Blend Sale-ocalypse!

We are so proud every time someone compliments our packaging, and this holiday season was no different! So many of you complimented our special packaging for our holiday blends, and so many of you purchased them too! Unfortunately, we needed about 20 more of you to purchase them! ;) So- we are now in the situation of having perfectly lovely blends in perfectly DATED packages- our loss is your GAIN!

Hop over to the store and take advantage of a special post-holiday sale on these lovely little sets- two blends, each totaling 1.5 ounces, for only $8. Wow- that is a deal- and hopefully you will get to enjoy the little letter to Santa we built around them too, even though the new year is almost upon us.

Gingerbread Man- A black tea blend using Ginger and Fenugreek, with a dash of Vanilla creates a warm, spicy cup that tastes just like hot gingerbread.

Deck the Halls- Our Cedar bough blend, using Cedar, Schizandera berries and Rose hips with a dash of Lapsang smoked tea. This lovely seasonal blend has a light, sweet flavor, with the smoke creating the sensation of enjoying the smell of a lighted tree next to a warm fire.