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April Tea Specials

April showers bring tea flowers! Buy these special offerings now and receive twice as much tea:

Earl Grey

Earl Grey: the classic black leaf flavored with oil of Bergamot. The special citrus flavor of Bergamot, a relative of oranges found throughout the Mediterranean, creates a zesty linger on the palate. Our old friend Dylan used to drink his earl Grey with a touch of milk and ginger snap cookies. Buy a bag now and get an additional bag of lovely Early Grey ON US!!!! Use the code aprilgrey on the purchase page at checkout to get your free tea (up to 3 per order)

Russian Caravan

Russian Caravan: This classic blend of black teas is a favorite with our customers. The smoky Lapsang Souchon creates a flavor reminiscent of the campfires along the tea routes used by caravans traveling to the China gate in southern Russia…star filled spring nights and long, warm sips of rich tea when you buy this favorite.