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Tea & Tarot lead to charitable giving

March 5th–

B. Fuller’s is proud to partner with Archelon, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, to help support their work in preserving the habitat and population of Loggerhead Sea Turtles in Greece. Through donations from customers who have visited with our guest Tarot reader Segrid Coleman, or who have simply



March 2nd–

A review of the story of the American Tea desperado will show that he or she has always been most numerous at the edge of things, where there was a frontier, a debatable ground between civilization and lawlessness. To undertake to give even the most superficial study to a field

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‘B. Fullermania’ SWEEPS U.S.

February 20th–

HOW IT ALL STARTED They say that it was three friends who had a vision of reminding people of their connection to the plant kingdom. Others tell the tale of a time travelling Tea Merchant from the future. Whatever the origins, ‘B. Fullermania’ seems to be spreading like wildfire through


B. Fuller’s Gives You Wings!

August 26th–

Hear ye, hear ye! Announcing now for dedicated Tea drinkers our newest and highest honor, a set of B. Fuller’s Wings! Available soon, in finished pewter for the discriminating imbiber of the liquid infusion of the Queen of the Camellias, showing that you have achieved the highest level of tea


Lapsang Souchong: A tale of Depth and Darkness in Tea

March 4th–

Without a doubt, the tea that most constantly draws sharp lines of love and hate, is Lapsang souchong. It is a tea that inspires emotions as strong as the distinct flavors of smoke and wood that pour out with its’ deep red liquor. This is the famed smoked tea of


Uniquely Seattle

February 23rd–

What is B. Fuller’s?  We get that a lot.  We see it on the faces of folks that pass by the Laboritorium.  Is it a movie set?  Do they sell hats?  Are they simply mad?  Perhaps this video may help explain a few things.  Check it out here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRexKwm3FH0.  Video


The “Code Duello’ in the Tea World

February 6th–

What is this steaming hellstorm of clashing wills, this juggernaut of camellia infused violence, this brittle ride around a broken tea cups edge that we call TEA DUELING? Tea Duel:   a chance for civilized men and women to gather in high fashion, enjoy each others company while supping on small


Proper English “High Tea” Explained

July 29th–

The idea of High Tea (a leisurely, delicate meal consisting of an array of treats and tea) came from England.  Now, that’s just the idea of High Tea.  High tea is actually not High tea at all, but is correctly called Low tea or Afternoon tea. So how did Low


Holy Basil, the “Elixir of Life”

July 17th–

Holy Basil, the “Elixir of Life”   Holy Basil, or Tulsi, sometimes known as “The Elixir of Life” or “The Incomparable One”, has lately enjoyed a surge in popularity among tea and health enthusiasts. Tulsi has been used for thousands of years for its diverse healing properties, being classified in


Indian and Sri Lankan Teas-

July 1st–

Whenever we drink a lovely cup of black tea, we should thank both Britain and India for helping to make this exalted liquor a world wide beverage. The history of tea cultivated in India and Sri Lanka is a long one, though much shorter than the history of tea in


Chamomile: The golden secret

May 2nd–

Chamomile is ubiquitous in most tea cupboards. We all remember it growing up, usually in blends. It is a cliché when talking about mellow, herbal tea drinking folk. But strangely, it is one of the most grimace inducing flowers when talking to our new customers. And, frankly, I get it.


Chinese Green Teas

April 11th–

Here at B. Fuller’s, we love the variety that the plant kingdom offers us. Within the single category of Camelia sinensis (teas) we are able to find a rainbow of colors, flavors and mouth feel. Overall, our approach to botanicals has always been along a European apothecary model, with a


April Tea Specials

April 6th–

April showers bring tea flowers! Buy these special offerings now and receive twice as much tea: Earl Grey       Earl Grey: the classic black leaf flavored with oil of Bergamot. The special citrus flavor of Bergamot, a relative of oranges found throughout the Mediterranean, creates a zesty linger


Dragon Well Green Tea Brewing

March 21st–

With the first blooms of spring beginning to show, our hearts turn to the sweet, green and fresh flavors of green teas. And high on our list is the unique green called Dragon Well (Chinese- Longjiing 龍井茶). Traditionally grown, harvested and processed in small batches by hand, in Hangzhou, Zhejian


Tea Tastings in the Laboratorium

March 17th–

       B. Fuller’s is pleased to announce a new series of guided tea tastings right here in our Laboratorium.  Come join us Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30 as we explore, enjoy, and discuss three different Teas or Tisanes each week.  Each tasting will focus on a specific Tea type or


The Luck of the Irish: Leprechaun Botanical Tea

March 7th–

As the great celebration of the emerald Isle approaches, we thought you should know about our special blend just for the occasion: Leprechaun. Here is the back story: 3 years ago we had just upgraded our blending facility into a sizable warehouse space. At the time we had just finished

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Raja Spice- Brewing a cup of magic

February 26th–

This year we decided to come clean about the name of our Chai inspired blend. For several years we offered up a spiced blend called Raja Chai. But we knew that this was a little disingenuous- a true “Chai” needs to decoct, or slowly simmer/boil the spices before adding the

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Tea Grading: SFTGFOP…WTF?

February 11th–

I remember well the first time I encountered the strange and seemingly endless set of letters at the end of many black teas. I was working my first week at a busy coffee bar (a micro-roaster that also specialized in fine teas) and kept needing to look back at the

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Valentine’s Day is for Steepers!

February 6th–

In two weeks everyone you know will be giving special gifts to their valentines! Here is a sure fire way for you to stand out as THE man or woman of the hour: Go to our website and order our Valentine’s Romance Set: Each little kit includes 1 package of


Tea Pots we Like

January 28th–

Oh glorious tea pots! They are one of the wonders of the brewing world, yet so utilitarian that they are often just a tool in the kitchen. In the Steampunk version of future/past, there are some amazing takes on the humble little pot. Here some that we think are particularly

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Yun Wu- Cloudmist Green Tea Brewing

January 24th–

Yun Wu (‘Clouds and Mist’ in Mandarin 云雾) is a high altitude green tea from the Yuntai mountain in Jiangsu Province. This beautiful tea leaf has a slight curl, and a deep jade to dark green color. The fragrance from the dry leaves is slightly grassy and alkaline. The finished

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Holiday Blend Sale-ocalypse!

January 2nd–

We are so proud every time someone compliments our packaging, and this holiday season was no different! So many of you complimented our special packaging for our holiday blends, and so many of you purchased them too! Unfortunately, we needed about 20 more of you to purchase them! 😉 So-


Plants as Allies

October 15th–

  One of the most commonly asked questions at our tea and tisane classes is “How did you guys get started?” Of course I can only answer that question from my perspective and experience, so I will let Ruby and Will write their own posts…but here is my recollection.  

Plant musings

Black Tea Brewing

March 7th–

Black tea refers to those leaves which have been plucked, withered and allowed to fully oxidize, creating dark brown to nearly black colors in the final leaf, and resulting in a liquor that is reddish to golden brown. In the west, we use the term “Black Tea” as it relates

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“Food of the Gods”- Cacao, the sweetest bean.

March 6th–

The fermented and fully dried seed from the tree Theabroma cacao is the base for what we all think of as chocolate. First cultivated in the Americas by the Olmecs by 1500 BCE, the seeds of the fruit bearing pods that are dried and roasted to create so many delicious


Green Tea Brewing

February 28th–

Green tea- what many tea drinkers consider to be the cleanest and most pure form of Camellia sinensis. The appellation “Green” refers to the level of processing that the leaves have received, with very minimal oxidation, resulting in finished leaves that show a green color. This shade of green can

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Loving Cup: Our Favorite Winter Blend!

February 23rd–

Four years ago, when we started B. Fuller’s Mortar & Pestle, it was winter time and we designed our first blends to suit the season. Of those first four herbal blends, I think we have consensus that our favorite is Loving Cup. As winter rolls into Spring, now is a

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Cold nights + Hot Mulled Cider = Happy you!

February 22nd–

Even though the days are getting longer, our noses are still pretty cold when we step outside. That means that spice mulling season is still with us. What is spice mulling you ask? How convenient that you are asking us… Mulling spices in cider goes back to old England, and


Kava Koko- “A happy feeling of unconcern”

November 17th–

The first Tisane (herbal infusion) that we designed was Kava Koko. The goal was to make an pleasing herbal that would help with winter blues- a mood tonic for our long, gray days here in the Northwest. The ingredient of most interest to many of our customers is Kava kava,

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Russian Caravan- A tea blend journey

November 16th–

Russian Caravan is one of the storied blends in the tea industry, with roots in the long overland routes of yore. Time was when Europeans received their tea from Asia via an overland route that snaked across deserts, mountains and plains and could take up to 6 months from the


What the heck is a TISANE?

November 3rd–

When we started our little company four years ago, one of the best debates we had was about whether or not to use the word Tisane in reference to our herbal infusions. We recognized that most folks have never heard the word- and that can be a hard thing to


Tea and talk

October 27th–

Some friends old and new joined us this weekend for the drinking of much tea. One lovely couple even bore the likeness of our special convention blend “Jekyll & Hyde”

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A super fist day

October 26th–

It was a great first day at SteamCon. As expected, “Jekyll & Hyde” was a Huge hit, selling the days allotment by 2pm. Don’t worry, we have reserved 25 for each day! Tasty Lapsang with yellow dock an white pepper! See you in the morning!


B. Fuller’s Back at Fremont Market

September 23rd–

After nearly two months of work on our new retail space (in the heart of Fremont) we have come back to our friends at the Sunday market. Customers loved the Straight From the Fridge Hibiscus Cooler, and the new Mango OP. We were not able to begin tea slushies yet,

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New Packaging Look

September 23rd–

With all the changes going on here, we are happy to add a new look for our retail size packaging. We worked hard to get the correct look for the new labels; A mix of old-fashioned patent medicine hawkers and an apothecary bottle label. We used our new “Signature” label


Work Continues on “B. Fuller’s Labratorium”

September 23rd–

We have received some not-so-thinly veiled threats (heh heh) via the internet machine from some of our more, ahem, ardent supporters that we need to open SOONER rather than LATER. I assure you, we are working hard to complete the blending room and tasting bar as quickly as possible, and


Straight From the Fridge

September 23rd–

Our special tisane for the summer is designed to both cool and refresh you, as well as rehydrate and re-mineralize you to boot. Nettle, Rose hips and Spearmint all give vitamins and minerals to you, while the tart Hibiscus cools you down. You can buy it here on the site,

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SteamCon 4 Registration Complete

September 22nd–

You are the first to receive this gem: Our SteamCon blend, in honor of the theme of Victorian Monsters will be “Jekyll & Hyde” It will be a specially packaged pair of infusions: One will be dark, smoky and spicy, the second sweet, light and flowery. You will need to

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Iced Tea and Tisane Season is Upon us

September 22nd–

ICED INFUSIONS PREPARATION Iced Teas and Tisanes will be made using hot water over full, beautiful loose tea and herbal infusion blends.  The best time to prepare these will be the day before they are needed, so that they can caturally reach room temperature before they are chilled. You will

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