About Us

We like to refer to B. Fuller’s as a Modern Herbal Apothecary.  Our mission is to foster a deeper understanding in people of the wonders of the plant kingdom through the use of Botanicals in Teas and Tisanes.  The company was started four years ago by three partners here in Seattle, with a focus on three things:  Quality, Sustainability, and Cup Worthiness.  We use high-grade botanicals, sourced from industry leaders with proven records of excellence, we utilize organic and local botanical ingredients in the majority of our blends, and we send each blend through an extensive product testing to ensure beauty of liquor, excellence in flavor, and balance of elements.  What makes B. Fuller’s Mortar & Pestle stand out as a company is our herbal Tisane line, which includes absolutely unique blends such as Kava Koko and Loving Cup, among others.  This focus on not only the quality of flavor of the beverage, but on its’ therapeutic value to the customer is really key to who we are.  Providing a pleasing esthetic experience as well as one with a deeper meaning is the simple goal.



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